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Why not winning awards can help your business

Would you like to enjoy your business winning awards? Here at Thirst Media we have a number of clients who have been selected as finalists in the Midlands Food Drink and Hospitality Awards. The final voting process is taking place now and we are encouraging votes through websites, social media and in person in the venues.

But is it such a big deal if they win? Well, surprisingly perhaps not. Winning awards is great, but just being shortlisted can be enough. This is because the exposure that each of the businesses has had is already incredibly useful.

The fat lady hasn’t sung

Although the ceremony is not for another month, the awards have already been featured in the Leicester Mercury, encouraging locals to vote for their nearby businesses over the competition in Birmingham, Nottingham and more.

On social media, each of the businesses has been greeted with a tidal wave of support from their loyal customers. In turn, this has increased the engagement with their posts and therefore the reach. It has encouraged new followers and new customers.

Finally, by promoting the voting process in real life, each finalist has showed their customers that they are judged of sufficient quality to be finalists.

Show your business is independently recognised

Independent verification of quality is how awards benefit your business. Winning an award is a fantastic feeling, but just being shortlisted really adds value.

Increase your reach, demonstrate your quality and show your team they are valued. Talk to Thirst Media if you’d like support to write award applications that really make an impact on judges.

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