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Taking killer product photos to market your small business

I am always surprised how many small businesses will settle for second best when it comes to product photography. Images tell the customer what to expect from you – and great images show them the attention to detail your business pays to delivering something excellent.

Quality product photography taken with a smartphone
Taken with a Galaxy S7 – a phone that was already nearly 3 years old at this time. No filters.

Most of us just have time for a quick snap on a smartphone, day to day. But that shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. Most smartphone cameras have more than a good enough quality to take a photo you can use on social media or your website.

the rule of thirds in food photography
The Rule of Thirds

Here are some tips for you to consider when neatening up your product snaps to capture your customers’ attention.

Product Photography Tips

  • Use the rule of the thirds – imagine the photo is split into thirds and your main subject hits the horizontal or vertical third or 2/3 lines. This stops your main focus being slap in the centre and makes the picture look more dynamic.
  • Don’t use flash – ever. Seriously, unless you have a separate flash and you know how to use it then just steer clear altogether. A direct flash washes out your image and changes all the colours. Just find better lighting instead.
  • Keep your hand steady – blurry photos will never help your cause. Unless you’re going arty and want the blur on purpose (to show motion for example) keep your hand steady. Use a tripod or lean on something to support your hands while you take the picture. And take a couple of shots then select the best.
Keeping food photography simple with plain backgrounds
Keep it simple

If you are looking for a quality set of images that are affordable for a small business, talk to Thirst Media. We have a range of photography options on offer for across sectors.

We offer the Thirst Quenchers service – a fixed fee for a small one off project – so you know exactly what to expect. This is perfect for putting together a small portfolio of project shots to use on your social media, your website and in printed material.

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