Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Hopefully you are already discerning about which social media platforms you use for your small business. Just because it exists, doesn’t mean you have to be on it. Do your customers Snapchat? Do your potential clients yearn Instafame? If they don’t, then don’t bother with that platform. Just focus on the ones that suit you and your audience. I hope this Twitter tips blog will give you an idea of whether Twitter might work for you.

There are 16 million UK Twitter users. Nearly half of them log in every single day. 37% of Twitter users are aged 18-29, 25% are 30-49. 56% of Twitter users are in the $50k+ income bracket

Twitter Stats for 2019 – Omnicore

I’ve always been a big fan of Twitter as it strikes me as the most social and egalitarian of all the social media. It can also be the most frustrating as it is certainly the most difficult to build an initial following on – it can be quite a slow burn. But, if you are targeting your energy efficiently, this doesn’t really matter.

As with all social media – the number of followers is irrelevant!

Have quality conversations

It is engagement that matters. The quality of the conversations and how you turn those into leads. Obviously your businesses industry, aims and target audience will dictate who you want to follow. As a general rule though, small businesses will benefit from finding:

  • Local people – who is active on Twitter in your local area.
  • Regional media – journalists and radio presenters/producers can all be easily reached via Twitter
  • Local ‘influencers’ – I hate that term – but find people who blog about the area, who get a lot of engagement, who are in a lot of conversations.

All of these can help you spread the word about your business, and even find opportunities for media coverage. Don’t forget to also follow people in your industry:

  • Industry media
  • Other businesses in your sector
  • Recognised experts in your field

These can help you to cast the net even wider. But only if you…

Be Social!

It’s called social media for a reason. Twitter is brilliant because you can have a conversation with anyone. So put your tweets out about what your business does, by all means, but don’t just see it as an advertising platform. Retweet great relevant content, get into conversations with other people on your timeline – be engaging!

Top Twitter Tips

Other tips that you may find useful when getting to grips with Twitter:

  • Be eye catching – post an image or GIF with every single tweet to promote engagement.
  • Be conversational – keep your brand’s personality firmly in mind, but Twitter works much better for relaxed chatter than formal presentation.
  • Keep it short! Well, obviously you only have so many characters – but you don’t even have to use all of those. Keep your messages simple and succinct.
  • Use hashtags – use them to find and reach out to potential customers and your industry. Also keep an eye on what is trending – is today the National Day of Missing Socks and can you make a fun tweet based around that? Is there a current news story that you can jump on board with? Be creative.
  • Be immediate! Twitter is about the here and now – use it for news flashes, breaking news, what your business is up to right now, short video, behind the scenes. Give your Twitter followers an insight into your business that they won’t get anywhere else.

If you just can’t bear managing another social media platform, talk to Thirst Media. We’re happy to take on social media management for specific campaigns or on a more long term basis to take the pressure off your time.

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