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Which review sites should my small business promote?

Client reviews are an independent source of quality assurance for your small business. There are endless platforms where people can leave reviews about the service or product they received from you – on and offline. But which ones have tangible benefits for you?

  • Your own website – collecting reviews using a widget on your own site means that you are able to redirect existing customers back to your site to try and encourage repeat business. It is also a source of much needed SEO ‘juice’ helping your Google ranking.
  • Your physical premises – think how to collect feedback and evaluation information day to day. Use it to improve service, but also make sure you shout about your successes. How can you present positive reviews to your customers?
  • TripAdvisor – yes, it is pretty much the bane of most venues’ lives. But do a Google ‘verbatim’ search – if Google puts TripAdvisor reviews higher than your own website, you definitely need to be making sure your team is encouraging satisfied visitors to leave reviews there. Check our TripAdvisor Tips blog for more advice.
how to do a verbatim search on Google
  • Google – have you claimed your free business listing on Google? Check our blog about how to do that right away! Once you’ve done that, encourage your customers to leave you reviews on Google. It’s a great source of SEO ‘juice’ to help promote your business and website. It shows you are more trustworthy both to Google and to potential customers.
  • Facebook – if you still have the energy after all of the above… Then Facebook can be a positive source of leads. However, I’d be likely to leave this to grow organically.

The Secret to Success

And remember, the key piece of advice when gathering reviews is give great service, every time! There is no substitute for a good product, delivered well. You cannot quick fix your way to 5 star reviews. You need to make sure that you give every customer 100%. And you need to make sure your team does the same.

Do you need support with gaining positive reviews and shouting about your businesses achievements? Talk to Thirst Media to see how we can support your business.

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