Building trust in your business

How to make customers trust your business

Advertising executives rank below politicians as the least trusted profession in the country, according to an Ipsos Mori poll. Painful to hear, but not entirely surprising. Journalists don’t do much better, at fourth bottom above politicians and government ministers.

Interestingly, advertising executives were actually a new addition to this survey, which has been undertaken since the 80s. Right in at the bottom as the least trustworthy. This shows that consumers are becoming more savvy to advertising and marketing more generally. For anyone who regularly works with social media, this has been quite clear for a long time.

The public values a genuine approach and authenticity. We looked in this blog recently at the impact of big brands putting their hands up to past mistakes as a way of humanising their business. The public have become more savvy to marketing and can spot a lie and an exaggeration easily.

How do you gain trust in your business?

So what do you do to make customers trust your business, and trust the messages that you put out? Quite simply, Thirst Media have found only one approach works – be honest. There are two types of marketing that reflect two different approaches to business. There is the ‘polishing a turd’ school of thought, which attempts to manipulate consumers to buy a product or service, regardless of whether it is actually any good or not. This requires constant work and has a consistent threat of being caught out in a lie.

The other approach is to be unfailingly honest in your marketing messages. Gain the trust of your customers by consistently aiming for and delivering the very best quality, the very best standards of service. Then use your marketing channels to shout about this quality offer.

Being consistently excellent will always shine through. It’s how you get good reviews and win awards (independent verification of quality). It’s how you build trust with your clients and form long standing relationships. And it’s how you claim even more satisfaction from pouring your passion into your business – knowing you aren’t cutting corners.

Smoke and Mirrors

It’s not the easy way necessarily. Cutting corners, using smoke and mirrors in your marketing and selling a lie is quicker and easier. It means you can squeeze every single penny of profit from everything you do, because ultimately you don’t care about the quality of what you offer. So the route forward for your business is up to you.

If you’re keen to build a marketing strategy based around honesty, integrity and being the best at what you do, talk to Thirst Media. We love supporting businesses who lead the way in their field, regardless of size.

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