Thirst Quenchers - product photography for small businesses

Jack of All Trades

Or why have a dog and bark yourself

Discover Thirst Quenchers. For small business owners, every penny counts. This means that we can stretch ourselves too thinly. We try and cover every role ourselves to preserve our hard earned income.

But how much is your time worth? Sometimes it can be worth paying someone else to complete a job for you because their knowledge and expertise means they can do it better and faster than you. Plus it frees your time up to focus on your core business.

Thirst Media understand that small businesses often need support, but cannot commit to taking on help long term. This is why we offer Thirst Quenchers. It’s a one off, fixed price marketing and PR service. No need for agencies or long term contracts.

  • Write and distribute a press release
  • Design and print a new menu
  • Create and print a pop-up banner
  • Design a small website
  • Create a portfolio of photographs of a new product
  • Shake up your businesses social media presence

All of these services and more can be arranged on a cost-effective project basis. Know what you will pay in advance, and have no pressure to sign up to any services in the future – just buy the service you need.

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