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How you can be confident in every business decision you ever make

Do you know who your business is? Yes, that’s right, I said who…. The trick to making every decision on your businesses strategic future easy to make is having a clear idea of your brand identity.

Here at Thirst Media, we find that encouraging clients to think of their brand as a person is a fail safe way of identifying what your business is and what they do. Think less brand identity and more brand personality!

  • What kind of person is your business – what is their personality like? Serious? Easy going? Risk taking? Pioneering?
  • How do they speak? What kind of language do they use? Are they formal, fun, eccentric? Do they swear?
  • What relationships do they have with your customers? Are they a valued friend, a useful authority or something else?
  • What do they wear, where do they hang out, what do they like to do? What are the other brands your business aligns itself with and has synergies with?
  • Where will they be in 5 years and how will they get there? Will they be the same or will they change and grow – and if so, how?

One you have this characterisation, then making every business decision is easy. Just think about what your brand ‘person’ would do. Whether it’s opening a new venue, designing a new logo, building a new collaboration or simply the tone of voice you use in a Facebook post. Having a strong sense of your brand personality makes it easy to know whether any course of action fits in with your business strategy.

We can help with building a brand, strategic planning and taking your business forward in a planned, controlled manner.

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