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Dealing with Criticism & Negativity

How your brand identity helps you to deal with negativity

After our article about ‘how to be confident in every business decision you ever make‘ a couple of days ago, it was interesting to read another article about keeping a clear brand identity and dealing with negativity in Marketing Weekly yesterday.

Here the case study of Pinterest banning an anti-abortion group for spreading ‘harmful misinformation’ was raised. The group responded with accusations of censorship, but Pinterest were clear that they were able to jusitfy their actions as preventing the spread of potentially dangerous information. They were acting responsibly, but certainly weren’t taking a political stand as there is plenty of pro-life material on the sharing website that is within the rules.

This example is another clear demonstration of how having a clear brand identity can help you through difficult business decisions. It is also of paramount importance that you are continually horizon scanning. Who is talking about your brand? Where are these conversations taking place? Are you ready to deal with potentially negative conversations as and when they occur?

At Thirst Media we have over three years’ experience of managing social media and digital footprints for small businesses. This means that we shape the conversations about your brand to make sure they fit your messages.

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