Bisbrooke Artisans real sourdough bread

Rise of a Sourdough Empire

Thirst Media has been supporting Bisbrooke Artisans in creating a Crowdfunder project. The project aim was to raise funds so that they can move out of their tiny Rutland cottage and expand their bakery. They want to buy a larger refurbished oven and commercial shelving and put them in a business unit so that they can meet the heavy demand in Leicestershire and Rutland for authentically made sourdough bread.

Bisbrooke Artisans make true sourdough from just flour, water and salt. Each loaf can take up to 30 hours to make from start to finish. This makes its production a truly artisan craft, which is why real sourdough is now a rarity in the marketplace. The unique texture and taste is appreciated by a large number of different demographics who the husband and wife team now hope to reach.

How we helped

To begin with, Bisbrooke Artisans required a new brand identity – logo, design guidelines and brand voice. We worked collaboratively to develop these elements. All of which we then used to rebrand their social media and build into a new website. This involved creating graphics and taking product photography.

Once the identity had been created, we were able to build the Crowdfunder page. Most important was detail about their story and products. A short video was made to help encourage sponsors to back their project.

Once the project went live, we helped to spread the word by liaising with local media. Details of the campaign was put out on their social media accounts. This was supported by a poster. We sent this to all the venues which sell Bisbrooke sourdough or use it on their menu.

Where we are now

At the time of writing, Bisbrooke Artisans have raised £9384 from 71 sponsors. Thirst Media helped to develop a suite of rewards in order to entice new supporters. These include organic branded tote bags, which will be designed and produced once the campaign is complete. Rewards also include sourdough bread for a month or a year, and sourdough making workshops.

Bisbrooke Artisans real sourdough bread

Once they hit their £9500 target, a new stretch target of £20k will go live. Reaching this higher amount will allow them to pay rent for longer on their new unit, taking off the pressure to allow them to work on new improved delivery schedules to get their bread in even more shops and cafes.

We will continue to support Bisbrooke Artisans as they expand their business and deliver on the rewards from the Crowdfunder campaign. If you have aspirations to build your business, contact Thirst Media to discuss your goals.

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