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How to make customers trust your business

Advertising executives rank below politicians as the least trusted profession in the country, according to an Ipsos Mori poll. Painful to hear, but not entirely surprising. Journalists don’t do much better, at fourth bottom above politicians and government ministers. Interestingly, advertising executives were actually a new addition to this survey,...

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What is the value of marketing?

The latest headlines coming out of Scotland show that Marketing Edinburgh is being faced with a critical withdrawal of funds from its local authority. The destination marketing company has seen councillors vote to cut £300k from its £890k budget with the proviso that it become financially independent by 2020. I...

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Guerilla Marketing: Daring to cross boundaries

For years now, ad agencies have tried to come up with unique guerilla marketing ideas to promote brands. This week, North Face has been widely criticised for boasting about changing images on community collaboration site Wikipedia. It uploaded its own product placement images on to Wiki to send them to...