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Jack of All Trades

Or why have a dog and bark yourself Discover Thirst Quenchers. For small business owners, every penny counts. This means that we can stretch ourselves too thinly. We try and cover every role ourselves to preserve our hard earned income. But how much is your time worth? Sometimes it can...

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Guerilla Marketing: Daring to cross boundaries

For years now, ad agencies have tried to come up with unique guerilla marketing ideas to promote brands. This week, North Face has been widely criticised for boasting about changing images on community collaboration site Wikipedia. It uploaded its own product placement images on to Wiki to send them to...

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Boost your business on Google for free!

Google can feel like a confusing beast. Google ranking, algorithms, paid advertising, position zero… What does it all mean? For a small business, Google can be your greatest ally. But you need to get your website on the first page of the search results. You have to be tactical though...