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Where do you go on LinkedIn? 0

Are you LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has always been considered the best B2B social media platform. I have used it successfully for clients in the past, but for some reason have neglected it for myself and my own business. As with any social media, there are a few rules of engagement: Have meaningful conversations –...

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Jack of All Trades

Or why have a dog and bark yourself Discover Thirst Quenchers. For small business owners, every penny counts. This means that we can stretch ourselves too thinly. We try and cover every role ourselves to preserve our hard earned income. But how much is your time worth? Sometimes it can...


Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Hopefully you are already discerning about which social media platforms you use for your small business. Just because it exists, doesn’t mean you have to be on it. Do your customers Snapchat? Do your potential clients yearn Instafame? If they don’t, then don’t bother with that platform. Just focus on...