Thirst Quenchers

We know that small businesses can be worried about bringing an external agency on board. You may not have the disposable income for a long-term relationship. You may not have the time to overhaul your entire brand strategy. But you do have a small job that you really don’t want to do yourself.

We know that you are doing an amazing job of running your business on your own. But sometimes we can all benefit from a little bit of outside expertise. Perhaps we can help to fill a gap in your skill set?

Thirst Quenchers are designed to be a way of small businesses getting a little bit of support when they need it. It is designed for one-off projects. Work with Thirst Media to meet your goal, without any pressure to use our services in the future.

For a small business, every penny counts. As a micro-business ourselves, we understand this well! We give you a personal service tailored to your businesses needs for a fixed price, so you have control over your finances.

What services are available?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the jobs we accommodate. We have skills in a range of areas developed over a decade. Browse this website to get a feel for our areas of expertise. Use our contact form to find out if we can help with your next task.

  • Writing press releases and getting them noticed
  • Proofreading services – a new menu or leaflet perhaps
  • Creating a set of professional product shots for your new range
  • Recording, mixing and mastering your latest song
  • Hosting an event – a wine tasting, beer & food matching etc.
  • Writing an awards application that gets your business noticed
  • Writing a funding application to get that grant for your charity
  • Training your latest team member to use your social media effectively

Much of this work can be done remotely, keeping costs down. But if you prefer us to come to you we can. We know that face-to-face contact can solve problems more efficiently, and is the best way to deliver training – if what you need is a new skill.

There is a small additional call out fee, dependent on location. So if you need us to look at a problem with your website, or teach you some top tips for managing your Trip Advisor account, let us know.